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Melanie Mondini

Melanie Mondini

Melanie Mondini Feng Shui Consulting and Coach


Feng Shui Consulting and Design for your Home and Business – Creating harmony and balance in your daily living.
The most powerful application of Feng Shui is to fully integrate it into the Design of a space. To figure out the best furniture layout, lighting, colours, materials, natural elements as well as personal preferences of the people living or working in the space.

The result is palpable. Imagine an environment that feels good the moment that you step through the door. You can exhale, your mind and body relax, and a peaceful feeling arises. You are in a space that its sole purpose is to support you, your needs, your goals, and dreams. Everything is in alignment and is designed to improve your health, prosperity, relationships, and overall happiness.

Feng Shui is the foundation of all the work I do. In my eyes it makes total sense, that if we feel out of balance in our lives, to work with our outer environment to recreate how we want to feel in life. To create balance, joy and love, to manifest more of abundance, to align with nature, our hopes and our desires. Remember, how you feel when you enter a house, which feels cosy, clean, fresh, pleasant to the eye and soothing to your mood. Remember how you feel, when you enter a business, a shop or an office, which is well lit, full of natural light, colourful and well appointed- a place where you feel welcomed, looked after and appreciated.

For me, beauty is an essential part of daily life. It is the reflection of nature and natural elements in our living and working space. With my study of Interior Decorating and Design, I can create a work or home environment to reflect your life and lifestyle, to make the space more useful in countless ways, while bringing forward the beauty and the detail your home deserves.

When you pay attention to your senses and to all aspects of your environment, then you start paying attention to the bioenergetics of your feng shui.