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Katharina Gummelt

Katharina Gummelt

Xiu Feng Shui


Katharina Gummelt is the founder of Xiu Feng Shui with office based in Dublin where she provides professional and personal Feng Shui advice for your Home, Business and Lifestyle.

In October 2017 she received an Award for Best Design 2017 by Colourtrend Interior Design Forum for her sophisticated Home Office and Guest Bedroom Design. She also holds a distinction in Interior Design Architecture and is an Authentic Feng Shui Expert.

Katharina is passionate about Feng Shui and has helped many clients successfully with the creation of harmonious environments. Ranging from offices to homeowners over massage studios and public houses. Also, she has worked with Architects to help to create a positive relationship between clients and their homes. It is compulsory to create a positive environment and there are things you can do to ensure your home supports you rather than working against you.

As a customer-focused expert, Katharina is providing exclusive advice for your needs and goes the extra mile when needed. Her presentations include Furniture placement solutions, Colour scheme inspirations and 3D visualizations with various angles and solutions. As well as product research including prices and web links, an appraisal with before and after views and many recommendations even about decluttering, electromagnetic energy, plants and mirrors.

In China Feng Shui is till this day an important part of the daily life. Feng Shui consultants will be naturally consulted to search for a suitable location and be part of the design of shops, offices or private rooms.  It is very recommendable that Feng Shui consultants work together in cooperation with architects, developers and building contractors. This is so important because the customer should feel comfortable in the new flat/house right from the start. Many people are convinced that planned family homes, offices or shops according to Feng Shui provide good luck, health, and prosperity. Personally, I can only confirm this. Naturally the same applies to companies and shops.

The Benefits of a Feng Shui Consultation are:
– Deep and Sound Sleep / Healthy Environment
– Increases Concentration for Studying
– Smooth and Happy Working Atmosphere
– Solutions for Furniture Placement
– Colour Scheme Inspirations
– Date Selection for Important Occasions/Contracts
– Sitting in Your Success Direction

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