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Old Irish Creamery Cheese

Old Irish Creamery Cheese

We produce handcrafted flavoured cheeses, using traditional production methods. All of our award winning cheeses are made using recipes gathered in South West Ireland. We are pleased to showcase our expanding range of delicious cheeses. We hope you enjoy our range of  Old Irish Creamery
flavoured cheeses. 

Cheeses in the Old Irish Creamery range have won Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in Dublin in 2008 and in 2009 at the worlds largest international cheese show, which is held annually at Nantwitch in Cheshire, England.

Setting the standard with J.O.D. Foods A strict quality control regime is in place at the Co. Limerick facility, where product is manufactured to the BRC Series 5 Grade A standard. Only the finest cheeses are blended with the choicest of natural ingredients to produce specialty cheeses with deliciously distinctive flavours for the discerning palate.

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