Love Your Home Show, Belfast & Dublin


Exhibitor Information Belfast

Thank-you for booking a stand at Love Your Home Show, Belfast. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to grow your business and we are delighted to have you on board. To take full advantage of Love Your Home Show, we have outlined some guidelines to help you get the best out of the event. Please read carefully and get in touch if you have any questions.


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Order Electrics & Furniture for your Stand

Ensure you have all your stand electrics and furniture ordered via Total Expo at least 14 days in advance of the event.
For queries, contact

Order Stand Extras
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Order Your Wi-Fi Connection

Venue Wi-Fi costs £20 incl. VAT per device. Wired Connections cost £144 incl. VAT and must be ordered 2 weeks in advance.

Order Wi-Fi

Hang your Suspended Signage

If you require rigging for your signage, please fill in this form and we will get back to you with a quote. For queries, contact

Order Rigging
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Promote your presence at Love Your Home

Spread the word and promote your business via your digital & print channels.

Promote Your Stand


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Exhibitor Badges

These give you and your staff access to the show venue, both for stand building, breakdown and when the show is open. Five are sent out to each company and more can be picked up from the Organisers Office if needed. They are not personalised and are sent upon payment of final invoice.

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If you have a courier delivering items for your stand please ensure that you have a member of staff on site to take delivery. With over 100 companies at the event we cannot take responsibility for ensuring it reaches your stand location. For pick up, a member of staff should also be on-site to ensure that the courier collects the correct package.

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Off Loading

Please follow directions from our staff who will try and get you into a good location to offload. Once completed, vehicles should be removed to the car park to free up space for others to offload.

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Standard Set-Up Times

Standard time is between 8.30am – 8pm Wednesday & Thursday. Early & Late access is possible by prior arrangement. If you require additional time please contact us as early as possible and speak to your Love Your Home point of contact.

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Break-down Time

Break-down time is from 6pm – 10pm on Sunday and by special arrangement from 8am to 12 noon on Monday. Please note that any stands built by our stand contractors will be dismantled on the Sunday evening.  At no stage will there be any break-down before or after these times. All stands and products must be removed from the hall before 12 noon. Any items remaining after this time will be removed and a charge made. Please get in touch if this gives you any difficulty.

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Space only

A Space Only stand does not have any walls, company name board, lights or sockets. It is the customer’s responsibility to build a freestanding wall or structure and not rely on other nearby or surrounding stands either for support or to provide a dividing wall. Total Expo, our full services expo contractor has a full range of free build options to include branded walls and arches, storage rooms, raised floors, TVs and furniture available for this event. View and order here.

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Shell Scheme 

Shell Scheme stands are provided by our stand contractors, Total Expo. They use the Octanorm system to provide you with panelled white walls. This will also include a company nameboard, 2 spotlights and a double socket. Total Expo, our full services expo contractor has a full range of package upgrades to include branded walls and arches, storage rooms, raised floors, TVs and furniture available for this event. View and order here.

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Health & Safety

Creating a safe environment for both exhibitors, visitors and contractors is an important part of a successful event and is something we take very seriously. Please note that exhibitions fall under the Construction, Design & Management (CDM) Regulations. Exhibitors are responsible for appointing a competent contractor (which well may be your own company) and for ensuring that you have all you need to create a structurally sound stand. A detailed summary of Exhibitor responsibilities under CDM are available here.


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The organiser’s office is located at the Love Your Home Info Centre.

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Car Parking

Car parking will be available at the venue at no charge to exhibitors on production of your Exhibitor Badge.

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Restaurant and cafe facilities are provided for visitors and exhibitors throughout the show days .

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A 2.5 – 3 ton forklift will be available on site to offload lorries.

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Floor Covering

The venue will have blue carpet. Please tell us in advance of any damage so that we can arrange protective covering.



If you require a water supply or waste outlet please book this at the time of booking your stand or asap. Charge may apply.

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Exhibitor Lounge

A special exhibitor area will be made available during show times with complimentary tea and coffee. Please use your vouchers for this and you can collect more at the Info Centre.

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Security & Valuables

We regret that we are unable to take any responsibility for the security of valuables or other items on your stand or in transit. The venue will be locked at night and general stewarding will be provided. Small or high value items should be removed when your stand is unattended.

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The risk of theft is particularly high before and after the show including breakdown. No valuable items should be left unattended. ‘Night screens’ are advised. They work on the “out of sight – out of mind” principle but are not a barrier to a determined thief.

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You are responsible for effecting insurance cover for: Exhibits and Contents of your Stands including loss of or damage to same, Public Liability and Third Party Risks, Employers Liability for your staff, Expenses incurred due to abandonment or postponement of the exhibition or due to damage to exhibits or own materials.

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Here to Help

If you have any further questions regarding your stand or the event itself, please get in touch


Let us help you spread the word that you will be exhibiting at Love Your Home Show. We can provide graphics and content to make your life that little bit easier via your social media channels, website and promotional literature.