Love Your Home Show, Belfast & Dublin

8 practical tips for instant balance and harmony in your home you can implement today! Love your home with Feng Shui.

Learn about the Do‘s and Don‘ts to make your home a more loving space. From best colours in your kitchen, creating a feel of cosiness in your living room to ideal artwork in your bedroom – I am looking forward to showing you how you can create an environment that feels good the moment you step through the door. You can exhale, your mind and body relaxes and a peaceful feeling arises.

Feng Shui is an ancient system used to harmonise living and working spaces around the world for many centuries. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Julia Roberts use its principles to enrichen their lives and bring harmony into their homes.

Feng Shui is more than just moving furniture around, it is a lifestyle offering practical tools to influence our well-being in the environment we life and work in.

May 12 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:00 (45′)

Feng Shui

Melanie Mondini