Love Your Home Show, Belfast & Dublin

Empower your Life with Feng Shui

In this practical seminar, visitors will be taken on a learning journey and will get lots of advice about the ancient art of Feng Shui. Such as a brief history about Feng Shui, practical tips for a healthy, comfortable, living atmosphere with real cases where Feng Shui works well and why it brings the desired harmony for a healthy atmosphere in your home.

We will look closer how to evoke a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere in your home or workspace by keeping the energy moving freely and allowing new opportunities in, improving health, achieving great success and attracting love.

Visitors will also be asked to think about their home and what they love and don´t.

People may bring floor plans if they wish and in my 1-2-1 Clinic, we will look closer to find their individual, ideal directions and location for bed, desk, sofa & Co.

May 13 @ 15:30
15:30 — 16:15 (45′)

Feng Shui

Katharina Gummelt