Love Your Home Show, Belfast 2018

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Agri Aware Mobile Farm

The Agri Aware Mobile Farm is a unique outdoor classroom that is used to educate children and adults via a hands-on learning experience. The Mobile Farm unit will safely and humanely transport animals to the Love Your Home Show. The aim of Agri Aware's Mobile Farm is to educate young and old about the different farm animals on Irish farms and their role in producing quality food that is safe and affordable for consumers. Agri Aware's Mobile Farm is accompanied by trained farmers.

Agri Aware’s mission statement is to “improve the image and understanding of agriculture” and they do this via a series of educational initiatives such as the Mobile Farm. The mobile farm is run by trained farmers and attend many of the major agri/food festivals and events across Ireland. The farm provides something interactive where visitors can follow the “Farm to Fork” journey of their food in a fun and interactive way and it would tie in very nicely with the artisan stalls that will be there.

Agri Aware Mobile Farm

This is just a taste of what to expect at the Love Your Home Show at the Citywest Dublin 12-13th May 2018


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