Love Your Home Show, Belfast & Dublin


Overview & Audience


Love Your Home is the perfect link between buyers and sellers in the home improvement market. Uniquely among home events in Ireland, Love Your Home combines the well-established benefits of live events with the digital world and engages with its growing audience throughout the year. This creates a balanced marketing opportunity for companies who get involved.

Our Audience

Anyone who loves their home and wants to make changes or add to it in a positive way.

Extenders, renovators and all home owners looking for assistance with major projects, new homeowners wanting to put their mark on their new place, trend savvy DIYers looking for inspiration and ideas for their next room revamp and money wise homeowners looking for ways to save energy.

How We Engage Our Audience

Live Events:

held in Belfast and Dublin each year our live events are the place to visit for homeowners looking for advice, inspiration, ideas and products to improve their home.


Social Media: 

we use a range of platforms to reach the home market across Ireland.



unlike other events our website is more than a show page and stays active throughout the year. Relevant, informative and inspirational content, regularly published keeps our audience engaged.



our monthly newsletter gives us the chance to communicate directly with our followers on a regular basis.

How You Can Engage Our Audience

We have 3 routes to our audience offering marketing activity to suit all budgets and business needs. All options can be arranged individually but we are happy to discuss your specific requirements and create a package of activity to maximise the return on your investment.

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