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Digital Marketing Opportunities

We have a range of digital marketing opportunities which are active throughout the year and not just at the time of our events. These are a great way to maximise your exposure when exhibiting or as an alternative way to reach our audience if exhibiting does not suit.


The 84k+ readers of our monthly newsletter are made up of past visitors to our shows and website sign ups. With an average 25% open rate and 500 advert clicks this is a great way to increase your brand awareness and generate web traffic.


There are 2 advertising options available:

1. Banner ad:

only 2 adverts per newsletter with a direct click through to your website. Our design team will create all ads free of charge.

Cost: £300


2. Article:

we will publish any relevant advice-based article on our website and promote it via our newsletter.

Cost: £300 (available free to all event exhibitors)


3. Solo Email:

a bespoke email to our existing database of 84,000 subscribers, this is an ever-growing list which allows you to drive traffic back to your site. You can use video content and as many links as you wish covering products and incorporating any success stories or testimonials you have.

Social Media Placement

Reach our 27K+ social media followers with your message and direct them back to your website. Our marketing team will target your preferred audience and we guarantee to drive 500+ visitors to your website for each ad placed.

Cost: £350

Website -

Our website traffic is driven from our newsletter, busy social media channels, event ticket sales and high-quality content. There are leaderboard and mid page spaces available. Ads generate on average 150,000 views per year.

Cost: 6 months placement: £450

12 month placement: £750

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